April 2017:

In anticipation of my retirement from Arizona State University in 2018 I have booked Katzin Concert Hall for three farewell recitals over the winter. I put them on my website schedule: Oct. 1, Oct. 22 and Jan. 28, all Sunday evenings on the ASU Faculty Guest Recital Series. Guest performers are expected to include pianists Andrew Campbell, Robert Hamilton, Baruch Meir, Caio Pagano, Eugene Pridonoff, Meg Ruby, Russell Ryan, and Jan Meyer Thompson, as well as cellist Jan Simiz, clarinetist Robert Spring, and saxophonists Anna Marie Wytko and Joseph Wytko.


March 2017:

On March 26 a nice picture was taken of me with Danqing Xu, Yuan Jiang, Siu Yin Lie and Qingqing Ye.


No MasterWorks Festival this summer. As my schedule link shows I will perform for the Matthay festival:



and probably help with:



June 2016: I have cancelled my trip to MasterWorks Festival this year because of a relative's poor health.


For those who attended my presentation at the ASMTA conference, here are some links for the Chopin resources I discussed:


Here are the examples I showed you: